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Overview of Global Spaces and Projects

Welcome to Summer 2012!  Special welcome to readers of this travel-blog over last summer.  The Prof returns to Europe to continue his studies, investigate family history further, and teach a fascinating class in London to American students in July.  No, Dad did not come along this year but the plans start with a return and retreat in Holyhead, Wales, on Anglesey Island, including more ancestry work and a Road Trip across Northern England.  Can the Prof learn to drive on the left side of the road?  Between the Welsh Retreat and the class in London, the adventures include:   4th Century Roman Fort, Holyhead

Part One: 3 weeks in Wales (28 May - 15 June)
Part Two: Tour of Finland (16 June - 22 June)
Part Three: 11 days at Oxford (25 June - 5 July)
Part Four:  Study Abroad class, London (6 July - 6 August)

Within Part One the Prof takes a road trip by car across England to the Northeast Coast and returns to Newcastle upon Tyne as well as Derbyshire, Yorkshire, and County Durham along the way.  There is also a day-trip to Dublin, Ireland, by ferry.  In Part Two, the Tour of Finland
is hosted by the Prof's nephew, Tommy, a high school junior who has been an exchange student in Finland Prof, Tommy, Mom Stonehenge 2010the entire past school year.  His father and uncle will be visiting for a week, including touring, boating, and sauna!

After the Finland Tour the Prof flies back to London and visits the British Maritime Museum and archive in Greenwich for more ancestor research.  During Part Three at Oxford, the Prof makes a few day trips by train, one to Malmesbury that was the birthplace of the early British natural philosopher Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679), an important Prof at Oxford 2011subject in the Prof's historical research.  Also at Oxford additional materials will be searched and studied related to the academic project.*

Part Four is the summer class in London and, similar to the one taught there in 2010, the Prof takes advantage of long weekends between class sessions to travel.  One trip is a return to France taking the channel tunnel to Paris and train to visit Tours, France, then by car to Poitiers, France and La Haye-Descartes, the birthplace now so-named of the French philosopher Rene Descartes (1595-1650).  On another weekend the Prof takes the opportunity to add another new nation to his list of those visited: Spain.  He tours Barcelona for three days near the end of the class and summer travels.

And let us not forget the Prof teaches at King's College in London during the Olympic Games!  So, the pictures posted are unique for this special event.
You are invited to join me in the adventure and discover places you may want to visit one day or, if you have been there, then see the pictures of familiar global spaces as the Prof's summer travel adventures continue in 2012!

*The week of study at Oxford is funded by the Bellarmine University Summer Faculty Development Fellowship.  The return to the Loire Valley and Poitou region of France for the course development project is partially funded by an anonymous donor to the Quality Enhancement Program initiative of Bellarmine University, Louisville, Kentucky.

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Cromwell - Westminster

          Palace of Westminster and Eiffel Tower in 2011
         (I hope to find I'm not related to Cromwell. -TW)
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 The Search for Descartes continues     Touring European Cities

                                                       Cam River, "The Backs"
                                                                                                    Cambridge, 2010

Any CCSA students who actually check out my web site will now learn that my class will soon be "punting" on the cam river, as shown!  Precisely this picture in July.



London Stop-over
Update - 24 June                         Go to Travel Calendar
     This weekend I recovered from the wonderful tour of Finland in London, where I will return for the class in two weeks.  As you can see from the pictures taken from my window each day, the weather has not been the best, but by today it appears to be improving.  We are enjoying typical summer temps of 74 F or more, even in the rains.  I am happy to anticipate the arrival of my students and the start of the Summer Program.  Maybe they will bring the sun (likely too much when all the weather is gone!).  Note the improvements in visibility from my window in Hampstead (to the right).
     No real news to report since leaving Helsinki, except that I failed to mention that while in Finland we ate reindeer both in soups and in a sort of hash with potatoes.  It was really quite good, but made you think you were eating Rudolph!  It really isn't so unusual for people of the North.
     In all that I said on the Finland page, I did not comment on the food, which was always good and wholesome, of course, with grains for breakfast in the form of oatmeal that is a bit more soupy than at home, more like a "cream of oatmeal" on which we poured soupy black currant or blueberry sauce, and the rye bread with butter and Swedish rice cakes that I did mention.  Also for breakfast we enjoyed eggs and bacon, plus salami, pepperoni, and other meats with mild cheeses to put on one's rye bread slices.  For the main meals, they really like to grill this time of year (because they can) and so we had grilled chicken and beef and all manner of sausages from the grill.  They would not call them bratwursts, just "Finnish sausage," but that's what they were like.  Interesting everything comes with a green salad that often includes chives and/or green onion, and they include cucumber and/or watermelon in the salad this time of year with a mustardy sort of lemon-grass oiled drizzle as dressing.  To put on the meats, at one's options, they use a white sauce with dill, quite delicious, like a ranch dip for nuggets at home, and then they reserve the honey mustard for the sausage.  Lot's of pastries too, reminding me of Austria last summer.
     I check out and take the train to Oxford tomorrow and will update the travel-blogue there next.  Just click the Oxford tab at the top of this web page to go there.  See you later, London! --TW

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      28 May to 6 August, 2012

                                                      At the Freud House and Museum,
                                                                                       London 2010

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Academic Stuff:
The larger project is in preparation of a special topics college course that is an interdisciplinary survey of "The Origins of our Modern Conception of the Mind." As a global human society, we are at a critical point in our understanding of ourselves as conscious beings.  What is consciousness?  Can we really quantify it or solve ethical dilemmas regarding quality of life and life support? Are other species also conscious or is it all the workings of the human brain and nothing else?

In the new millenium, modern philosophers of mind are calling into question the long-standing view, intertwined as a necessity with developing Western science, that the mind is a mechanism in one form or another.  From the scientific revolution to Freud's structural theory to modern computational approaches, the science of mind is mechanistic.  Machines are predictable, controllable, and all levels of science look for the lawful and the orderly, the predictable and quantifiable.  My question, then, is how deeply influenced by emerging science were the origins of our modern concept of mind and mentality?  What specific cultural and historical events, taking place during the life course of the influential thinkers of the scientific revolution, shaped the mechanistic mind that followed in the 19th and 20th century?  Today's debate about the nature and objects of consciousness may be informed by an understanding of the origin of the mechanistic mind.

Where do the great ideas come from for that matter?  How might we go about re-conceiving consciousness as technology continues to increase in the new century?  The mechanistic thinking apparatus has held our fascination now for four centuries, but does it hold much promise in the 21st century?  Is the neurocognitive science of mind bringing practical knowledge to the mental health provider?  Within the philosophy of mind, is consciousness really like planetary motion, or patterns of active neurons in the brain, or even the lightening generated in a storm cloud?
--Prof. Wilson
                                       Walking in Montmartre, France, 2010

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                             At Freud's Vienna Office, outside waiting room,
                                                                                     Austria, 2011




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